November 26, 2015

The Scriptures More Precious Than Gold by Charles Bridges

‘The law of thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver.’ (Psalm 119:72) Well might David acknowledge the benefit of affliction, since he had thus learned in God’s statutes something that was better to him than thousands of gold and silver. This was indeed an enlightened judgment for one to form, […]

The Providence of God by Loraine Boettner

God’s works of providence are His most holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing all his creatures and all their actions.’ (Shorter Catechism, answer to Question 11.) The Scriptures very clearly teach that all things outside of God owe not merely their original creation, but their continued existence, with all their properties and Powers, to […]

If God is Sovereign, Why Do Anything? by Matt Perman

God’s sovereignty, as I am convinced the Bible teaches it, means that God has fore-ordained everything that happens. Before creation, God planned and decided (‘ordained’) the entire course of human history down to the smallest details. All circumstances in time are therefore the outworking of God’s plan which He decreed in eternity. In light of […]

Justification – Part I by A.A. Hodge

When the mind is enlightened by Divine truth, and duly impressed with a sense of guilt, it cannot fail anxiously to inquire, How can a man be just with God! The answer given to this question decides the character of our religion, and, if practically adopted, our future destiny. To give a wrong answer, is […]

Justification – Part II by A. A. Hodge

Section II: The demands of the law are satisfied by what Christ has done. WE have thus seen that the Scriptures teach, first, That all men are naturally under the law as prescribing the terms of their acceptance with God; and, secondly, That no obedience which sinners can render is sufficient to satisfy the demands […]

Justification – Part III by A. A. Hodge

Section III: The righteousness of Christ the true ground of our justification. The practical effects of this doctrine. THE Bible, as we have seen, teaches, first, that we are under a law which demands perfect obedience, and which threatens death in case of transgression; secondly, that all men have failed in rendering that obedience, and […]

Justification by Faith – Part I: Justification by Faith Alone by Brian Schwertley

A doctrine which contains the heart or essence of the gospel is justification by faith alone. This doctrine is so central to the Christian faith that the apostle Paul proclaimed an anathema upon anyone who would pervert it (Gal. 1:6-9). Yet in spite of the importance attributed to it in the Bible and the critical […]

Justification by Faith – Part II: The Roman Catholic Doctrine of Justification by Brian Schwertley

There are many reasons why all Bible-believing Christians should have a solid grasp of the Roman Catholic doctrine of justification. First, the Romish theory of justification is a complete denial of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a damnable heresy. Anyone who adheres to such a gross perversion of the gospel cannot be saved. […]

Justification by Faith – Part III: Some Current Anti-Gospel Trends in Modern Evangelicalism by Brian Schwertley

Modern Evangelicalism has to a large extent lost many of the biblical doctrines that were emphasized by the Protestant reformers. In the nineteenth and especially the twentieth centuries, the doctrine of justification by faith alone has been assaulted on all sides by a variety of false doctrines. Today, there are many Evangelicals and even many […]

Justification by Faith – Part IV: What About the Book of James? by Brian Schwertley

In the debate over the doctrine of justification between Roman Catholics and orthodox Protestants, Romanists often appeal to the book of James as proof that works or human merit have a crucial role to play in a person’s justification before God. In discussions with dedicated intellectual Papists, the author has noted that the book of […]

Justification by Faith – Part V: Judgment According to Works by Brian Schwertley

A question often asked even by orthodox believers is: “If all of the guilt of believer’s sins is imputed to Christ on the cross and Christ’s perfect righteousness is imputed to believers, why does the Bible speak so often of a judgment according to works?” The Bible does clearly teach that all men shall be […]

Of Justification by Faith by John Calvin

In this article the doctrine of Justification by Faith is expounded, and opposite errors refuted. Note: This article was taken from the Institutes of Christian Religion Chapter 11 OF JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH. BOTH THE NAME AND THE REALITY DEFINED. 1. I trust I have now sufficiently shown how man’s only resource for escaping from the […]

Justification: from Jonathan Edwards: A Mini-Theology by John H. Gerstner

Articulus stantis aut candentis ecclesiae (‘the doctrine by which the church stands or falls’) – so said Martin Luther about justification by faith alone. John Calvin agreed, calling justification by faith the ‘hinge’ of the Reformation. But was that the historic Christian view? One may say generally of the history of the doctrine of justification […]

Justification by Faith Alone (The Nature of Justifying Faith) by John H. Gerstner

Eternal life depends on Christ alone?nothing, but nothing, else. Predestination will not bring it. Providence cannot produce it. It does not rest on foreknowledge, divine decrees, or even the atonement itself. Eternal life is Christ dwelling in His righteousness in the soul of the justified person. So eternal life is union with Jesus Christ. And […]

Justification – Exposition of Romans 8:28-30 by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

THE next term for our consideration is ‘Justified.’ This, as we have seen, is always associated with belief and faith. The term Thas become familiar–‘Justification by faith only.’ That they are in a state of justification, or justified, is true of all who believe, who exercise faith. Christian people are often troubled and confused about […]

Faith & Justification by Theodore Beza

The following article by Theodore Beza was taken from chapter four (sections 1-13) of his book The Christian Faith, translated into english by James Clark (Focus Christian Ministries Trust, East Essex England, 1992). We believe in the Holy Spirit; He is the essential Power of the Rather and the Son (Gen 1:2). He dwells in […]

The Biblical Teaching of Justification by William Webster

One of the great truths of salvation is that of justification. But what is justification? The heart of the Reformation controversy was over the meaning of this word and despite the impression given by ECT, the Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches are still very much at odds with one another on this issue. The Reformers […]

Are We Justified By Faith Alone? – What Still Divides Us: A Protestant & Roman Catholic Debate by Michael S. Horton

Referring to the schism of the 14th and 15th centuries, one scholar observes, ‘For nearly half a century, the Church was split into two or three obediences that excommunicated one another, so that every Catholic lived under excommunication by one pope or another, and, in the last analysis, no one could say with certainty which […]

Human Nature in Its Fourfold State – Death (Part I) by Thomas Boston

‘For I know that thou wilt bring me to death, and to the house appointed for all living.‘ Job 30:23. I come now to discourse of man’s eternal state, into which he enters by death. Of this entrance, Job takes a solemn serious view, in the words of the text, which contain a general truth, […]

Man and Sin by Thomas Manton

In this treatise on the nature of man and sin, Manton shows the complete inability of man to save himself, relating man’s condition to both the law and grace. He also presents the Puritan concept of “seeking” God by various means, showing that the Puritans dealt patiently with the unconverted rather than giving up on […]

The Contemplation of God by Arthur Pink

In the previous studies we have had in review some of the wondrous and lovely perfections of the divine character. From this most feeble and faulty contemplation of His attributes, it should be evident to us all that God is–First, an incomprehensible Being, and, lost in wonder at His infinite greatness, we are constrained to […]

The Love of God to Us by Arthur Pink

By ‘us’ we mean His people. Although we read of the love which is in Christ Jesus our Lord’ (Rom 8:39), Holy Writ knows nothing of a love of God outside of Christ. ‘The LORD is good to all: and His tender mercies are over all His works’ (Psa 145:9), so that He provides the […]

The Love of God by Arthur Pink

There are three things told us in Scripture concerning the nature of God. First, ‘God is spirit’ (John 4:24). In the Greek there is no indefinite article, and to say ‘God is a spirit’ is most objectionable, for it places Him in a class with others. God is ‘spirit’ in the highest sense. Because He […]

The Lovingkindness of God by Arthur Pink

We propose to engage the reader with another of His excellencies–of which every Christian receives innumerable proofs. We turn to a consideration of God’s lovingkindness because our aim is to maintain a due proportion in treating of the divine perfections, for all of us are apt to entertain one-sided views of them. A balance must […]

The Mercy of God by Arthur Pink

‘O give thanks unto the Lord: for He is good: for His mercy endureth for ever’ (Psa 136:1). For this perfection of the divine character God is greatly to be praised. Three times over in as many verses does the Psalmist here call upon the saints to give thanks unto the Lord for this adorable […]