November 30, 2015


Getting to the Heart of Legalism

I was reading today in Pleasures Evermore: The Life-Changing Power of Enjoying God and came across some excellent thoughts on legalism from Sam Storms who wrote, “I’m baffled continually at how easily Christian people treat as moral law those things that God has neither forbidden nor required. Some feel an irresistible urge to speak loudly […]

Pretenders to Godliness by Thomas Watson

Here is a sharp rebuke to such as are ‘glittering dross’ Christians, who only make a show of godliness, like Michal, who put ‘an image in the bed’, and so deceived Saul’s messengers (1 Sam. 19: 16). These our Saviour calls ‘whited sepulchres (Mau. 23:27) – their beauty is all paint! In ancient times a […]