April 21, 2015



Getting to the Heart of Legalism

I was reading today in Pleasures Evermore: The Life-Changing Power of Enjoying God and came across some excellent thoughts on legalism from Sam Storms who wrote, “Iā€™m baffled continually at how easily Christian people treat as moral law those things that God has neither forbidden nor required. Some feel an irresistible urge to speak loudly [...]

Pretenders to Godliness by Thomas Watson

Here is a sharp rebuke to such as are ‘glittering dross’ Christians, who only make a show of godliness, like Michal, who put ‘an image in the bed’, and so deceived Saul’s messengers (1 Sam. 19: 16). These our Saviour calls ‘whited sepulchres (Mau. 23:27) – their beauty is all paint! In ancient times a [...]